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When parents are not married to each other and they have a child legally, the father is not always legally acknowledged. In cases like this, it may be necessary to consult a paternity attorney in Denver, CO to help establish the paternity of the father of a child. Neglecting to establish paternity may cause the child to miss out on the benefits that come with having two legal parents. A Denver paternity lawyer can provide information on how to establish paternity to avoid these situations.

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According to Colorado law, a family that receives public assistance must legally establish the paternity of the father. A Denver family law lawyer can assist the mother or child’s putative father (a man who may be the child’s father) in getting a court order for paternity testing. In instances where parents are no longer on good speaking terms, a father can maintain a relationship with his children through court visitation once paternity is established. A Denver, CO paternity lawyer is knowledgeable in this subject and will work in the family’s best interest.

A Denver paternity law attorney is familiar with several different ways to establish paternity. DNA testing is one of the most familiar ways to determine the paternity of the father. Another way is when the potential father signs an acknowledgment of paternity form. This essentially means that for legal purposes you assume all rights and responsibilities of the child without a formal test. The assistance of a Colorado paternity lawyer may be necessary to ensure all documents are in order.

Paternity testing laws are in place to protect the children against paternity fraud. This happens when a mother names a man as father knowing the child is not his, biologically. A child support attorney in Denver, CO can assist you in avoiding these situations. Married couples have also found themselves in this situation. Married men may assume they are the father of the child only to discover later that this may not be true. A Colorado paternity law attorney will maneuver through the legalities in an effort to establish paternity.

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